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SANY STH1056A 10K Telehandler

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The SANY STH1056A telehandler has been 100% designed, built, and tested for your toughest jobs. To ensure that you can count on years of trouble-free operation, we’ve pushed this machine to the limit with durability testing including over 10,000 laps around our rough terrain test course and over 20,000 cycles on the lift structure at full rated load. The STH1056A telehandler also offers excellent visibility as the operator can see all 4 tires from the seated position with no unobstructed views behind the machine. Standard features include wide-angle rearview camera and reverse sensing system, LED work lights, flashing beacon, and lift hook. You can also choose from an array of extra options such as an open or fully enclosed cab with heat and AC, a selection of fork carriages and fork combinations, and your choice of 74 hp with no DEF requirements or 121 hp allowing you to configure the STH1056A to perform for your needs.

Max Lift Height: 56ft 2in
Max Lift Capacity: 10,000 lbs
Lift Capacity @ Max Height: 5,000 lbs
Lift Capacity @ Max Reach: 3,000 lbs

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